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We are sole agent and service provider 3M Corrosion protection and pipeline rehabilitation products in KSA; 



3M has achieved international acclaim in the field of high performance pipe corrosion protection coatings with fusion bonded epoxy. Focusing on the challenges facing today's infrastructure owners, engineers and contractors, 3M is delivering innovative and cost-effective epoxy coating solutions for a diversity of operating environments, including oil & gas, water infrastructures, transportation infrastructures, building protection & maintenance, and industrial OEM. Polymer steel, ceramic, elastomer is utilized for repair, renovation, protection of machinery parts, equipment, building and structures.  

Thortex and Copon have been branded to form part of Scotchkote range of products from 3M.

 We are approved Vendor of Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, SWCC, Marafiq,  etc since last two decade. 


  Product wise area of coverage is as follows;

 A>  Polymer Compound          : Marine repair system & maintenance.

 B>  Polymer Steel                   : Metal Repair Systems.

 C>  Poly Ceramic                    : Erosion & Abrasion protection

 D> Poly Rubber                      : Elastomeric repair Systems.

 E>   Poly Urethane                 : Corrosion, Steel, Wall & Floor protection.

 F>   Poly Amine                      : Chemical Protection.

 G>  Poly Acrylic                       : Roof Protection.

 H>  Poly Epoxies                      : Fused bonded corrosion protection.

 I>     Poly Urea                       : Coating and linings.


Technical Details are as follows;


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